Wild Math Fifth Grade Review: Thinking Outside The Textbook

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I feel like every day I stumble upon something brand-new or exciting, that I know I need to show everybody. Wild Mathematics is among those products. I understand it’s been on the market for a bit, but I have to be honest. I don’t think I took it very seriously when I first read about it. I assumed it seemed like possibly a fun supplement, or something you do with simply wee little kids. I discovered myself on their website recently, and also immediately knew I had actually been entirely incorrect. So I’m delighted to provide you men a testimonial of the Wild Mathematics Fifth Quality educational program.

What Is Wild Math?

Wild Math is a nature-based, hands on mathematics curriculum that is created to obtain your kids outside. Rachel Tidd, the maker of Wild Mathematics, thinks that discovering outdoors create an appealing, multisensory experience.

Wild Mathematics is leveled by quality, and also can be utilized as a full annual math curriculum OR as a supplementary resource to whichever math program you’re utilizing.

When I initially paged via bush Math Fifth Grade curriculum, I was practically immediately advised of the sweet taste of the Waldorf approach, as well as the hands on experiential mathematics direction that Charlotte Mason included. I likewise think it connects to what Denise Gaskins has to state in her book, Let’s Play Math.

What Fascinated Me to Wild Mathematics?

Here’s my truthful fact of the day: I have never ever put math lessons as the ‘‘ Ultimate Concern In Instructions’ the way I see some other households do.

I do not mean that mathematics isn’t vital.

Actually, I assume mathematics is fundamental to virtually whatever else in life. Nevertheless, discovering mathematics is a developmental ability. Yes, youngsters can do math on a daily basis of their school lives, as well as no harm will certainly be done. In my experience, however, if we just wait until our student prepares (perhaps early, possibly later) after that the discovering will be less complicated as well as will come with much less tears (for the kid and also the parent).

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In my rather unwinded laid back approach to math researches in the very early years, I discovered some crucial features of each of my children. In particular, my youngest (now in 7th grade) really does well with hands on, manipulative-heavy, math lessons. She thrives when the lessons are real life, and also not out of a textbook. Does she do textbook math lessons? Yes. Does she pitch a fit regarding it? Not. Her choice though, is certainly hands on, meaningful, real-life math.

I had actually found out about Wild Math time back, and sort of cleaned it off as just some supplementary resource. Just recently, I was attempting to think of a way that I could boost my youngest kiddo’s love of math. I remembered Wild Mathematics when I saw a few of the Bloom And also Root individuals gushing about it. When I saw on their site that they now have Wild Mathematics Fifth Quality, my interest was stimulated. After simply a glance at the sample, I knew this might be a good suitable for us.

A Look Inside Wild Math Fifth Quality

I recognize that some people will listen to “nature based mathematics” and also quickly believe it will not be rigorous or thorough enough to satisfy their scholastic criteria. While that could be real for some residence educating households, I additionally believe for other families – – this type of technique will certainly be just the thing that helps their student see the elegance in maths.

The very first point that captured me was the Tabulation. In Wild Math Fifth Grade, the message is separated by Units. So, there is a multiplication/division testimonial system, decimals, portions, dimension, data/graphing/algebra, and also geometry.

The upside to this layout is that if you’re using this as a full curriculum, you simply begin at the very first device and resolve throughout. Nevertheless, if you are utilizing this as a supplement to your primary mathematics educational program, you can simply go to the unit that aligns with what your youngster is examining and work on that. Each unit can base on its own, or operate in order from beginning to end.

Wild Mathematics Fifth Grade TOC

Topics can be examined in order, or as solitary units to supplement an additional curriculum

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As a stand-alone, it creates a complete year of mathematics research study.

Each system begins with the target skills for that specific unit/topic. The text is definitely not one that you provide to your pupil and walk away. The text is written to the parent, as an overview, with tasks that you can use to help involve your kid with the topic. At the end of each unit, they have actually consisted of a list of games, books, and also web links to printables that will certainly accompany that system.

An example of the design of one of the topics

Wild Mathematics includes loads of enjoyable tasks to do with your trainees!

At the end of the curriculum, the writer has a listing of resources – – publications, websites, games, and so on – that collaborate with numerous mathematics subjects.

Wild Mathematics Fifth Quality is not a huge big book. It gives basic descriptions, ways to instruct the concepts to your children, with tons of actually cool activities to sustain their knowing. It’s well created, basic, as well as easy to follow.

The Good, The Bad, as well as The Attractive

I always like to do a pros/cons when I do an initial evaluation of a resource or curriculum. I actually don’t have a lot of disadvantages for Wild Math Fifth Quality.

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I believe the largest thing I want to see to it that individuals recognize is that by doing this of teaching mathematics could not appeal to every person. As well as for others, it’s mosting likely to be the magic bullet that lastly obtains the kid participated in, and also bought, their mathematics researches. So, for this testimonial, the disadvantages are mostly just mentioning that this is not a workbook-based, problem-heavy mathematics educational program.

For fairness, I also wish to remind you that I’ve not yet started our academic year, so I will absolutely update through the year as we utilize this resource.


  • Hands-on, nature based math curriculum
  • Designed well, layout is simple to adhere to as well as it is not a substantial text.
  • Contacted the moms and dad, which can be fantastic for kids with mathematics stress and anxiety
  • Encourages query, and real world applications of mathematics principles
  • Cost point is outstanding, and simple to print if you want a paper copy
  • Can work as a stand alone educational program, or as an extra source


  • This approach is not for every person
  • No ‘‘ workbook’, not a great deal of math issues consisted of
  • It is parent-led so generally it will not be an independent math curriculum

Overall Thoughts on Wild Math Fifth Quality

I think it’s a truly wonderful source – – whether you intend to utilize this alone as your mathematics educational program or if you want to include the tasks to one more curriculum that you’re utilizing. At the time of the writing of this post, my own strategy is to spend a day or two each week working from this source, in addition to my child’s routine mathematics curriculum. As a matter of fact, there is a certain opportunity that we will make use of Wild Mathematics Fifth Grade as our primary work, and also utilize a ‘‘ typical’ mathematics workbook as a little additional increase of technique.

In any case, I am expecting utilizing this with my kiddo, and I think it will create a truly wonderful enhancement to her math researches.

Don’t lose out !! Wild Math gets on SALE up until September 15th – – simply utilize code “mathoutside” to get 15% off!

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Wild Math Fifth Grade Review: Thinking Outside The Textbook
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