Secular Charlotte Mason Resources – An *Updated* Resource Round-Up!

Secular Charlotte Mason Resources – An *Updated* Resource Round-Up! photo 0

With many wonderful Charlotte Mason curricula, items, as well as sources around, complying with a Charlotte Mason ideology in your homeschool can be extremely simple. Nevertheless, for those of us that are nonreligious homeschooling households, discovering nonreligious Charlotte Mason sources can be a little bit more difficult. So I have created a fast round-up of some Charlotte Mason resources that are either secular or quickly secularizable.

Writer’s Note: This blog post initially published in March 2016 – – I’ve wished to upgrade this blog post with some brand-new sources for fairly time now, so right here it is!

Secular Homeschool is NOT One Dimension Fits All

Let’s talk about nonreligious homeschooling for a moment, initially. Much like “faith” does not explain just one particular faith, neither does “secular” always indicate the exact same point for everybody.

While the real interpretation of “nonreligious” is quite clear – – having no impact from spiritual belief/worldview – – how secular families search in their daily lives can actually be fairly various. As can their reasons for homeschooling secularly.

Some family members are purely non-religious, some family members are of a belief that is not Christian (and so have trouble utilizing typical faith-based products), and everywhere in between.

None of these are wrong, it’s all about following your own household’s culture and worths. In my individual household culture, we are not of any type of religious faith so we try to remain quite watchful when it comes to religious material. I do my finest to make certain that any type of resources we make use of are appropriate for my non-religious homeschool and also household.

Charlotte Mason in the Nonreligious Homeschool

And also right here is where the subject becomes a little bit a lot more grey. I have actually read/heard some heavyweights in the CM neighborhood state that if you are a nonreligious homeschooler you can’t perhaps be capable of implementing the Charlotte Mason ideology.

I heartily disagree.

Among the important things that I believe is essential to bear in mind is that Charlotte Mason was a female of deep personal belief, as well as her beliefs and also values are made really clear in her initial works. So while we are dealing with the CM approach in our nonreligious homeschools, it would do us well to recognize as well as appreciate her beliefs and also her starting principles – – as well as just how her writings concerning these concepts were filtered through the lens of a 19th Century lady of Christian faith. Comprehending that, we can ideally aim to see past the Christian lens and get to the core of her principles.

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So, having described my sight on all that – – I wish to now share some nonreligious Charlotte Mason sources.

I don’t generally advise any kind of products below on my blog that are not completely nonreligious (see: Ultimate Overview to Secular Homeschool Educational Program for a take a look at my definition of nonreligious, and also 100+ amazing sources), nevertheless in the CM world it ends up being fairly difficult to locate purely nonreligious resources.

Thankfully for all of us, there appears to be a change and also a boost in the nonreligious Charlotte Mason products offered to us. So I’ve done my finest to consist of nonreligious resources – – yet I have actually kept in mind a couple of that do originate from non-secular authors/publishers.

A Couple of Of Our Favourite Secular Charlotte Mason Resources:

If you’re a Charlotte Mason residence teacher, you are most likely familiar with having to ‘‘ secularize’a resource or curriculum. It can get exhausting as well as tiresome to weed through products to see if they are an excellent fit, or it can be difficult when something pops up in a book or a curriculum that doesn’t fall in line with your household’s beliefs and also values.

Here are the materials we really like in our house, as well as additionally a couple of pointers from some of my fellow Secular Charlotte Mason mamas. Some of these are complete currriculum that you can comply with, some are resources that have actually assisted me along my method.

A Charlotte Mason Plenary

I have to claim, when I think about Charlotte Mason sources, my mind promptly mosts likely to A Charlotte Mason Plenary. From overviews to producing your own Charlotte Mason year, to annotated editions of CM’s original collection, to probably the very best Plutarch guides I’ve seen yet – – if you are searching for help and also support on your CM journey? The Plenary has GOT YOU. I created an evaluation when they first came on the scene, and also you can review that BY CLICKING HERE. And also remain tuned, you’ll see a few more evaluations of their products beginning the blog site in the next little while. I adore the work that the Plenary does.

Dime Gardner’s Charlotte Mason Research study Guide – – Nonreligious

Version This is just one of the initial secular CM sources I stumbled upon, when I first started considering Charlotte Mason. Dime Gardner has a really in-depth, very easy to follow, Research Guide to finding out about Charlotte Mason as well as her technique. What she has performed in her 2nd edition is also develop a Research Overview for secular households, still with all the excellent quotes and details from Charlotte Mason’s works, but – – omitting the religious quotes. It’s actually that simple. And I really feel extremely strongly that she still covers every one of the bases and gets every one of the most essential of Charlotte Mason’s very own words as well as ideas in there. Fantastic Source!

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Wildood Curriculum

This is a totally free online curriculum that is still new to the market – – yet it is LOVELY. They have actually launched Kind 1 so far, and are carefully dealing with other types. If you’re searching for a nonreligious, modern, educational program that has actually been very carefully as well as attentively assembled, this is what you’re trying to find.

The incredible makers behind Wildwood have actually worked tirelessly to craft an educational program that complies with carefully the initial Programmes put out by the PNEU. Not only that, however they have actually consisted of an actually terrific multicultural component, which is not something you’ll oft find in a CM curriculum.

Ursa Minor Knowing

Another beginner to the scene, Ursa Minor has only simply begun to release their curriculum content with us. They’ve chosen to start with the upper years (grades 9 to 12), yet have a tentative schedule on their website as to when the various other years will be released. Ursa Minor’s curriculum is Charlotte Mason inspired, with a dashboard of Timeless included, as well as it’s greatly science-based. Oh, and also it’s likewise absolutely free – – can I get a hell yeah?! Can you listen to that? That’s the pitter-patter of my heart – – I can not wait to see what Ursa Minor launches for the other qualities. I’ll be enjoying them extremely carefully.

Mater Amibilis


Mater Amibilis is a complimentary, on-line, Charlotte Mason curriculum that was created for Catholic homeschoolers. I understand, I understand – – you’re most likely providing me the side-eye below, but below’s why I’m including this. Among the “secular homeschool” umbrella, there are many religious households who discover it challenging to use the common Christian sources, because of faith or perhaps because of biases in the products. When I came across Mater Amibilis regarding a year earlier, I initially assumed “uh no, it’s Catholic. Except me thanks”. But then I took a closer consider a curriculum as well as made a realization. They include their faith/religious trainings in an extremely clearly marked, separate lesson. And when I considered the remainder of their lessons – – the sources that they suggest all, essentially, are publications we already had here. Publications that don’t have that normal Christian bent.

I really believe Mater Amibilis is a wonderful resource for many centimeters families when you require resources pointers that are various than the usual.

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A Literary Education And Learning by Emily Chef

Emily Cook – – writer and also maker of the Build Your Collection curriculum, has created a resource for secular homeschoolers who want to discover more concerning literature-based, Charlotte Mason style homeschooling. I have reviewed this publication greater than as soon as, as well as it’s such a good source. The marketplace is certainly doing not have in nonreligious Charlotte Mason resources – – curriculum OR books for the parent to review – – but Emily Chef has actually done a great work beginning to fill up that need. This publication is a must-read, particularly if you’re just starting on your trip.

Construct Your Collection

Emily Chef, designer of the Build Your Library Educational Program – – is, for me, very much an innovator in the world of secular Charlotte Mason. Her educational program is beautifully written, utilizes attractive publication tips, and also is nonreligious. While it’s certainly not ‘‘ rigorous’Charlotte Mason, as well as draws in some Classical aspects – – it’s a fantastic, comprehensive, fun curriculum to use.

Brave Writer:

I’ve talked a LOT regarding Bravewriter already – – as well as while it’s not a purely Charlotte Mason program, the products they supply are extremely simple to add in to any homeschool!

The focus on finding the youngster’s composing voice, copywork as well as dictation, as well as no workbooks all make THIS Charlotte Mason mom very delighted. We’ve been utilizing Brave Writer for years – – as well as actually, it was through analysis The Author’s Jungle that I initially heard the name ‘‘ Charlotte Mason

‘. Facebook Group – – Charlotte Mason Secular Homeschoolers:

When I discovered this group just recently, I had truly been beginning to seem like there weren’t several homeschoolers like me available. Or a minimum of none that were ‘‘ vocal’ concerning it – – yet after discovering this team of incredible mothers, I really feel restored as well as urged to stay the course.

Whether trying to find ways to secularize/adapt a curriculum, or searching for support, or reviewing along together with Charlotte Mason’s initial jobs, this is THE very first quit for me if I have a question. As well as if you’re a Secular Charlotte Mason mama, as well as not a part of this group – – you need to inspect it out!

This is by no means ALL of the resources out there, so if YOU have a Nonreligious Charlotte Mason source that you like, show me – – and I’ll include it to this list! Comment below and let me understand how YOU make the Charlotte Mason technique work in your secular residence!

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Secular Charlotte Mason Resources – An *Updated* Resource Round-Up!
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