Our Homeschooling Journey…So Far!

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Welcome to my really initial article! I have a virtually overwhelming list of points I can not wait to post as well as talk concerning – – yet I assumed the most effective place to begin is… … at the beginning! This homeschooling trip hasn’t lacked its ups and also downs, as well as what it has actually resembled from year to year, month to month, heck also daily – – has not always coincided.

So, get a cuppa tea (or your favourite warm bevvie) as well as listen in on our journey until now, as well as the path it has actually taken us on.

When my littles were still simply infants, I understood in my heart that we would homeschool. It seemed like the appropriate point for us, and I could not imagine sending them off to college. Nevertheless, life took an unforeseen turn as well as when they were 1 as well as virtually 4 years old, their daddy as well as I decided to separate. This was not an easy decision to come to, understanding that I would have a tough time house educating as a single mama, newly needing to re-enter the workforce. So, off to public school went my earliest while I functioned and elevated the both of them as a single parent. Was it my perfect option? No most likely not. Was it the most effective one then? Absolutely.

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The children as well as I experienced some actually difficult (as well as sometimes dark) times after my divorce. However ultimately, life maintained and we were taken part our lives by my now-husband. Life became a whole lot more relaxed, fun-filled, and love-filled… … and also a choice was created me to leave the full-time workforce to focus on staying at home with the youngsters, getting involved with their institution activities, and also just breathing and healing from the rough years the youngsters and I lived through.

What a true blessing. I couldn’t be extra thankful for the chance to be a remain at house moms and dad once again.

A day came when my kiddos realized that our close friends, that homeschooled, really did not need to go to college each day as well as weren’t chained to the very same schoolish schedule that we were. They started to ask questions concerning exactly how all of it functioned, and the decision was made to have a household meeting – – and also most of us decided with each other that we would certainly offer this crazy homeschooling point a go and see how it went.

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Well, I’ll tell you. The day I pulled my youngsters out of public institution, that first day that no one had to get up to an alarm or thrill out the door or get home exhausted only to do 1.5 humans resources of research? That very first day, by far, is just one of my HAPPIEST memories. The flexibility, the agility, the deep breathing as well as simply BEING together… … inexpressible actually.

(Is your tea obtaining chilly, yet? Hang in there – – I promise I’m rounding the edge and also ALMOST done!)

Well our very first six months or two in this new homeschool area that we would certainly entered – – it was amazing! We were obtaining entailed with our local homeschooling neighborhood…… socializing together…… identifying just how to BE with each other all the time on a daily basis again… … and simply truly getting our feet under us. Not a day passed when I really did not get up with a heart full of thankfulness for the life we had actually taken for ourselves. While ever since, we’ve truly run the gammet as for methods as well as styles and philosophical ideals – – whatever from unschooling to Classical Education and learning to Charlotte Mason and also a few things in between. Just learning exactly how we intend to discover (and how we teach!) and what to find out, has all been a part of the procedure of getting to where we are today. I’ll be talking in a soon-to-come message concerning this in even more information – – concerning exactly how we have actually finally pertained to where we enjoy and also what our homeschool resembles nowadays – – – – so remain tuned!

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This insane life hasn’t always been sunshiney, daydreamy, blissed out days of perfection – – – – some have actually been hard, some tedious, as well as some days have even been a little dark. But every single day I rise understanding this is the right option as well as the best life, as well as I would not trade any of it in for anything in the world.

So, thank you – – for joining me on this blog while we chat concerning residence – – institution – and also life. See you very soon!

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Our Homeschooling Journey…So Far!
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