Nature Study (When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!)

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All of us know the significance of nature research study in our homeschools – – particularly if you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler. Images come to mind of idyllic scenes with a sweet delighted household, sitting in an area or under a big leafy tree, all attracting as well as observing quietly and also without difficulty. For many of us, however, this will not be our truth. Nature research has been one of one of the most challenging as well as frustrating points for me to implement in our homeschool. I seemed like I could not draw well enough, I really did not understand enough about nature, and I would never ever be able to do it as well as other mommies appear to do it.

Do you feel the exact same? After that this message is for YOU! Nature research study does not have to be made complex or frightening – – so I would love to share my tips as well as concepts for moms like me that just have no hint how to get this nature research study point going. (And also do not neglect to join at the end of this blog post to get your FREE NATURE RESEARCH PRINTABLE PACK sent out straight to your e-mail inbox!)

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Why Include Nature Research Study?

If you’re reading this, then nature research study is most likely already on your mind – – but below are simply a few of the reasons including close examination of the environment is a crucial enhancement to your homeschool:

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  • Nature study creates a connection to scientific research that your kids can participate in from an extremely young age – – and also really aids to set a strong basis for future science research studies.
  • Nature research study assists to produce a feeling of wonder and doubt the natural world. Discovering to follow the marvel will aid your children in all areas of their studies.
  • Nature research study aids your kids feel a sense of responsibility to our planet, and also a deepening sense of their interconnectedness to the world.
  • Nature study makes science INTERESTING. Do not we all remember our early scientific research studies as being a little bit completely dry, separated, and full of terms as well as laboratories and also textbooks? What if we had gained from a very early age that scientific research was FUN as well as fascinating and also loaded with these fantastic connections and also curiosities? How would certainly our relationship with science have differed?
  • Nature research enriches a child’s life. It makes the globe WIDE and full of brand-new points for your child. Also, keeping a nature journal allows your kids to connect their science research studies with innovative as well as artistic outlets as well. It’s not often that we make a connection between scientific research as well as art, so nature study/nature journalling is a great means to do this.
  • Nature research maintains us outside – – and healthy and balanced! Fresh air, workout, and sunshine – – what much better means to spend our days?

So Just how Do We Do This??

Okay, so we know WHY we intend to add this to our homeschool routine – – yet if you’re anything like me, you’re stuck at the “so now what?” phase. I recognized I intended to include this to our regular, yet got really stalled in trying to produce and also plan the perfect nature research study trip, in the details of HOW to draw or what to claim, and in trying to KNOW everything before we started the nature study.

Do not do what I did. Don’t allow yourself put it off till it’s ‘‘ ideal’, due to the fact that you may discover you never ever begin in all. Here are a couple of pointers to assist get you going!

  1. Simply go. Simply put on your shoes, get your knapsack and supplies, as well as GO! Don’t await it to be completely prepared. It may feel a little awkward the first couple of times, yet ultimately you will really feel more comfortable. So just do it afraid, do it awkward, do it uncomfortably. Simply do it.
  2. You don’t need to know whatever ahead of time. Don’t overplan, or overthink this – – let your (and your youngster’s )wonder be the driving pressure behind what you research study as well as what trails you comply with. You do not need to have all the response to their inquiries – – you simply need to understand where to find them.(see # 3)Get your hands on some great field guides – – this will certainly be your ideal possession in assisting your children learn more about what they are seeing. I have a field guide for trees, one for birds, mushrooms, along with Anna Comstock’s Manual Of Nature Research Study – – these are my recommendation products that we rely on routinely. (As a note, the Manual is fairly large so I do not bring that with us, however we refer to it typically when we’re talking about what we saw as well as experienced).
  3. SHARE YOUR MARVEL! Be thrilled, tell your youngsters that you see something really cool and wonder about it out loud “I ask yourself why this fungi is growing here?” or “I ask yourself if that lovely bird stays below all year?” – – if you reveal wonder and also exhilaration at the globe around you, your youngsters WILL follow your lead, and also quickly enough you’ll see and also hear them questioning all type of points – – during nature research, as well as during their free play time!
  4. You don’t require to do this every day. Once a week to begin with is plenty – – simply make sure you are being willful and also concentrated with the moment you are out doing this.
  5. You do not require to be a specialist artist or nature sketcher. Allow me guarantee you, I am NO musician! I can hardly handle to make a stick figure. So – – my kids and also I have an offer: I help them create and note what we have actually seen, and also my daughter that likes to draw is the one that highlights. But – – that doesn’t suggest I’m not working on it. I have tried to reserve time for myself to try to sketch the important things that I locate fascinating. Producing art has actually constantly been a source of pain for me, so I am tough as well as extending myself to try to conquer this.
  6. Be ready! Pack a small knapsack with: pencils/colouring pencils, a notebook or sketchbook, your field guides, and likewise things like water and snacks as well as sun block!
  7. If you see something intriguing, or your kid asks you an inquiry that you just don’t understand the response to – – illustration or write as many information as you can about whatever it is, and after that use it as a terrific possibility to research when you obtain house. Take photos, if you have a digital camera or a camera on your phone. Going home and looking into after the reality is likewise an excellent way to ‘‘ recall’ as well as narrate your getaway – – helps to secure down what you saw and also experienced right into your memory!
  8. Do not anticipate your children to sit quietly and sketch. Especially if they are younger or it’s your first time out – – be focused, let them ask yourself, and then if they don’t really feel up to sitting and laying out (that does, when there’s a whole exciting world to explore out there??) – – after that just do the journalling component of it when you return house. Have a good time, obtain filthy, invest your energy connecting with the environment – – don’t obtain distressed if it doesn’t “appear like the ideal nature study”.

If Your Children Are Much Less Than Passionate?

First – – I feel your pain, mom. I have a kid who definitely enjoys being outside – – despite the weather condition, or if she’s available alone or with a loads individuals, my youngest LOVES anything to do with being outside. So obtaining her started on focused nature study trips has actually been a breeze.

My earliest? Not a lot. Until recently, obtaining him to go outdoors has been like pulling teeth. (I have actually chatted a bit in this post here about the struggles we’ve had) I imply, he likes to play outside like any various other kid – – yet nature research would certainly ALWAYS trigger something in him, and it made him really unpleasant. So he would certainly withstand, then I would certainly obtain all “BUT WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DELIGHTED AND ALSO PEACEFUL AS WELL AS ATTRACTING STUFF!!” As well as well… … nothing eliminates a peaceful nature study mood fairly like Mother going batcrap crazy since it’s not “going perfect”.

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I swerve. The point is – – he did neglect nature study one bit.

So what changed just recently? Me. I did. I changed my assumptions, my stress (on him AND on myself) – – and most importantly, I started to enjoy. I started to show excitement for things that * I * believe are interesting or trendy or perhaps insects I see that I believe are SUPER GROSS. As soon as I started to reveal that being outdoors, and connecting with our environment, was very important to me also? It altered the entire dynamic of our homeschool as well as especially our nature research.

Presently, my earliest is making a job for himself in our yard – – he intends to produce a Bird’s Heaven out of our yard so every one of the little birdies that see our yard will stay and also more than happy. Is he mapping out and also journaling? Not specifically. However he DID grab the nature journal to begin outlining out what sorts of feeders he intends to put where in the backyard.

So, if you have a youngster that is resistant or unpleasant with nature study “as it’s supposed to be done”, after that do it differently. Show them how many trendy things YOU see. Modification the tone from “right here’s a lesson about fungi” to “Wow! I have actually never ever seen a fungi that colour prior to – – I wonder what it is?!” and perhaps the state of mind will certainly alter. Some youngsters simply require to be scooped in the excitement, and some kids need that to be designed for them.

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I’m intending an article soon that goes into this a bit a lot more, with some concepts for jobs that can get older kids (and additionally youngsters who are uncertain regarding this whole nature study point) a little bit a lot more delighted by the prospect of nature study. So watch out for that if you are in a similar scenario.

Free Printables!

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Do you consist of nature study in your homeschool? Comment below and also allow me understand something you do to make it fun and engaging? We’re constantly searching for new tasks and also suggestions for our nature study time.

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Nature Study (When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!)
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