A Review of Lost Tools of Writing: Level One

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Having the chance to assess as well as utilize Lost Tools of Composing: Degree One in my homeschool has actually been so amazing. This is turning into one of our favorite resources of the year up until now, and I understood I intended to share this creating educational program with you all. So, let’s take a look at why I selected Lost Devices of Creating, what comes with the complete collection, as well as get a peek inside.

Disclosure: While I did get several of the products for this review, every one of the ideas and opinions included in this article are my very own.

To understand me is to know that I am an avid collector of language arts educational program. I do not even attempt to conceal this fact or apologize for it any longer. I am who I am. One of the factors that I purchase, make use of, and pull from numerous different sources is that I never can fairly discover one that is completely what I desire.

When I looked into composition curricula for my earliest pupil this year, I might have stayed with what we’ve been using – – which works methodically, yet gradually, with all the actions of the progymnasmata.

Starting late ways we really feel as though we would have to speed up to catch up, or we do not rather make it throughout of the sequence.

When Lost Equipment of Writing discovered my field of vision, my ears and eyes cheered up and also I understood I had discovered a fantastic option to teach my trainee exactly how to compose clearly, elegantly, and also most notably just how to create his very own thoughts on a subject as well as express them well.

What is Lost Tools of Creating

The Lost Equipment of Composing is a classical unsupported claims curriculum published by The CiRCE Institute. Instead of being yet an additional routine writing program, Shed Tools of Writing helps the trainee lay a structure upon which they can construct every one of their future writing skills.

Via the writing of eight essays, plus one testimonial lesson, the pupil will certainly be led with not simply how to craft the usual 5-paragraph essay, however more notably how to get their thoughts from their minds onto their paper.

The Lost Devices of Writing approaches composition from the suggestion that all authors, regardless of experience, deal with the exact same three battles: what to compose, how to arrange their ideas, and just how to make it seem fantastic. In the timeless tradition, these 3 ‘‘ canons of writing’ are: Development, Arrangement, and Elocution.

When the trainee has actually established their abilities in these 3 canons, they will certainly have laid a strong base that will certainly help them in any type of future writing tasks or tasks.

Lost Equipment of Writing: Level One concentrates on the convincing essay; in Level 2 they will build on the abilities from Degree One when they study the judicial address; ultimately, in Degree Three the pupil will certainly again improve the abilities in degrees one and also two and also study the deliberative address.

By the end of this series, your trainee will certainly have “developed sophisticated creating skills, master added kinds of persuasive address, as well as also begin to practice tools you’ll make use of for the arts of verse as well as storytelling. Most notably, the abilities you obtain with Lost Tools of Creating Level 3 extend beyond academics to your life on the planet as well as the deeper concerns you ask in your heart as well as mind.”

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Note to secular homeschoolers: I would likewise like to mention below, as I did in my current evaluation of an additional CiRCE magazine – – that while CiRCE’s key goal is to offer instructors in the Christian Timeless custom, this particular product is marketed as ‘‘ non-sectarian’. I have actually undergone the majority of this resource and also other than using bible tales as an example of exactly how to come up with a problem or thesis, this product is definitely one that I really feel comfortable utilizing in my nonreligious homeschool. As I always state, each homeschool family members needs to choose their very own comfort degree as well as in the interest of visibility, I intend to let you understand that CiRCE is not a secular organization.

Writing Throughout The Curriculum

One point I have absolutely found out in my time homeschooling middle schoolers is that they choose to do work that has definition for them. If something feels meaningless, then you are not going to obtain much depth or interest from a middle school pupil.

Composing, connecting, and assuming do not take place in a vacuum cleaner. In my experience up until now, the genuine magic of Lost Tools of Composing is that it motivates students to take the skills they are finding out and apply it to every one of their writing, throughout every one of their researches.

When we educate composing as its very own different entity, perhaps our pupils will discover exactly how to complete somebody else’s 5-paragraph essay layout – – but will they have the ability to use that to the composing they are asked to do in other locations? As a center schooler that will quickly be a high schooler, my 8th has a head filled with informative, witty, and terrific ideas. The Lost Equipment of Creating will certainly provide him the abilities he needs to equate those thoughts right into an elegant, cohesive item of creating – – no matter which subject he’s studying, or in which grade level he is examining.

An Appearance Within Lost Devices of Writing Degree One Total Set

When you order the total set for Lost Tools of Creating: Level One, you will get the following three elements. They are all necessary items, and without one you just will not obtain the exact same experience from Lost Tools of Writing.

Teacher’s Overview

The instructor’s overview for Lost Devices of Writing Degree One is a veritable gold mine. It plainly outlines the approach behind this approach to writing, and also arms the instructor with everything they require to aid their students to prosper.

For me, something attracted attention to me as I paged with this overview for the first time: none of this felt new. And also I do not suggest that in an adverse method. When I first reviewed the Lost Tools of Creating instructor’s guide I felt like I lastly read something that placed words to just how we already do points.

In fact, they state as much in the overview:

“We desire you to find not only that it is possible to educate writing, however that you currently know practically everything you need to show it efficiently. You have been excavating up information, sorting it, as well as utilizing it to express suggestions because before you mosted likely to school.”

Um, hello! This is specifically what I need, as an instructor as well as a companion in my 8th grade kid’s education and learning. I don’t require to be informed I need to take on some complex new theory that takes me years to ideal before I can show it.

This educator’s overview allows, as well as packed loaded with ways to help you teach with confidence!

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This teacher’s guide is jam-packed with ideas, information, and support, making it almost uncomplicated to use. It includes:

  • a thorough introduction
  • a year at a look graph that shows the scope as well as series
  • a mapped out lesson series that shows a prospective circulation to your lessons
  • lesson guides with plans/samples
  • appendices that include essay layouts, lesson summaries, as well as information on exactly how to evaluate your trainee’s job.

Student Workbook

For children that need clean, organized, simple workbooks – – the Lost Tools of Composing Student Workbook is ideal. The student workbook does not consist of anything unneeded, as well as the layout is very tidy. The font style is simple to review, the message is large, there is adequate white space on every page.

The trainee workbook has a clean design.

No overwhelming style or images in the trainee message.

No unnecessary bits as well as distracting extras in the student workbook! It is wonderfully outlined!

The trainee is not pounded by training notes, side margin notes, or frivolous pictures. The lesson is educated by the teacher and/or the lesson videos, and also the trainee merely needs to do the operate in their workbook.

Easy. Peasy.

Lost Tools of Composing Video Clip Instructions

The 3rd and also final piece of the Full Establish are the Lost Tools of Writing Educational Video Clip Lessons.

I have actually stated the video lessons a few times above, however I can’t say enough how much I enjoy these video clips. I have actually watched the majority of them in advance of my trainee, so that I have an idea of just how the material is presented as well as just how the lessons progression.

Although the authors of Lost Tools of Writing recommend that you view the videos and then bring the lesson to your student – – you can also permit your student to pay attention to the video clip with you (or in a pinch, separately).

A Review of Lost Tools of Writing: Level One image 3

We do a little of both. The lessons are presented merely, clearly, but elegantly. The pupil does not feel “talked to”, as well as the videos are straight to the point with no gimmicks or unnecessary additional fluff.

Together with the teacher’s guide and also pupil workbook, these instructional video clip lessons draw everything with each other.


I such as to create a listing of the advantages and disadvantages of any educational program I evaluate, and also I’ll do that for Lost Tools of Composing as well.


  • Tidy, easy design makes it easy to work from.
  • Educator’s overview is full of useful details
  • Rate factor is very reasonable for the total set
  • Educational video clips that feature the full collection are superb, enable some independence for the trainee
  • Trainee workbook is not over-designed or active.
  • 3 levels in the entire series make a total structure course
  • Can be changed for any degree the trainee may be, from middle school through to senior high school
  • Students are highly encouraged to apply their abilities to all locations of study
  • Tons of helpful resources for parents/instructors


  • Can feel slow-moving moving (this can be a pro, relying on you and/or your trainee, however)
  • Seems even more ideally designed for a class or team learning setting so adjusting it to individually direction can really feel uncomfortable at first
  • A few of the videos do contain referrals to bible tales – – this is done just in examples, as well as religious web content is not in the guideline guides/workbooks at all other than in instances of issues/theses.
  • At first, the instructor’s guide can seem a bit intimidating

Overall, after watching the video clips as well as undergoing some lessons, the Lost Devices of Composing seems to me an exceptional curriculum resource.

Extra Resources to Aid Show LTW

As if the amazing instructor’s guide and also educational video clips aren’t sufficient – – there are yet a lot more resources to assist you and also your student as you overcome Lost Devices of Composing.

The Handbook of Kinds: an added resource that contains worksheets, details, as well as essays. These provide extra instances to aid you as the trainer, as well as likewise offer more assistance to the pupil.

Lost Equipment of Composing Workshop At Home: this is a video collection on the Vimeo platform, that supplies a deeper look at the Lost Equipment of Creating collection. These video clips are an additional supplement, as well as do not replace the educational videos that belong to the Lost Equipment of Writing Level One Complete Establish. Overcoming this workshop in your home really offered me a richer, deeper understanding of this technique.

Lost Equipment of Writing Facebook Group: I constantly like when an educational program has a devoted online area in which we can ask questions and take in knowledge and also experience from others that go before us. This Facebook team is a treasure trove, as well as truly aided me see just exactly how abundant this educational program actually can be.

My Own Final Words

After having plenty of time to review this curriculum, work through a couple of lessons with my pupil, view the Workshop In the house, and also invest much excessive time in the Facebook team – – I feel like this might genuinely be the make-up curriculum that lastly fits my particular trainee perfect.

Being in 8th grade, my pupil is considering the choice as to whether he will homeschool or participate in public secondary school next year – – as well as I am not even exaggerating when I state this: I wish and also pray that he will certainly remain to homeschool to make sure that we can work through this entire collection of Lost Tools of Creating. Of course, there are myriad other reasons I want him to stay at home, but seeing the progression of this collection as well as where it leads, I recognize that at least our secondary school writing and rhetoric path will certainly be impressive.

For now, we are digging in, as well as absolutely caring our experience thus far with Lost Devices of Creating.

Where to Buy Lost Devices of Writing

If you’re convinced that you ‘d like to try Lost Tools of Composing in your homeschool, you can buy it (and any type of other CiRCE magazines) at the following areas:

  • On the CiRCE online store – – you can get the full collection (highly advised) or individual parts.
  • In Canada, through CiRCE’s preferred Canadian retailer, Classic Education Books
  • On every person’s favorite curriculum site, Rainbow Source

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A Review of Lost Tools of Writing: Level One
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