No, I’m Not a Charlotte Mason Purist – And You Probably Aren’t Either.

No, I’m Not a Charlotte Mason Purist – And You Probably Aren’t Either. photo 0

I have never defined myself as a Charlotte Mason perfectionist. I have actually spent years, however, examining as long as I can around Mason’s approach as well as techniques and also attempt as I might, I simply maintain returning around to this design of homeschooling.

You may remember an article that I released near the end of last academic year – – all about my breakup with Charlotte. Well, a little time as well as a little distance has made a few things extremely clear to me regarding my homeschool. When I chose to damage up with Charlotte – – I had not been damaging up with her, or her philosophy. As a matter of fact, her philosophy itself is the one point that I had no problems with. What I was rejecting, as well as pushing away from, was the suggestion that in order to adhere to Mason’s philosophy, one has to be a ‘‘ Charlotte Mason perfectionist’. Well –. I’m not – and also I have a pretty good sensation that you most likely aren’t, either.

Late right into the 2016-2017 school year, when I had my damaging up with Charlotte Mason – – I felt truly sad regarding that. And also while I recognized in the moment that something needed to move, in my heart as an educator I simply really felt actually…… unfortunate.


We decided to spend some time this summer season and have a full, long summer break. Usually we school-lite in the summertime but this year I knew most of us needed a large breather. We worked really hard in 2014, we had a few battles, and we saw growth in our children that could not be defined in school-ish terms. My earliest truly appears to have come that huge bulge of stress and anxiety that he was handling. My little girl ended up being really self-driven, and has actually established some enthusiasms and rate of interests. So a lengthy break to delight in summer season, was something we all needed.

No, I’m Not a Charlotte Mason Purist – And You Probably Aren’t Either. photo 1

Circling Back Around to Charlotte Mason

In that downtime, I spent lots hrs planning ahead to this academic year. What did I carry my shelves? What did we need to acquire? What did I desire them to study? What did they wish to research? Just how did we intend to arrange out our year?

I had actually left every one of the Charlotte Mason on the internet areas I had actually belonged of, I stopped reading her books, and I just happened with my life as well as happened with my institution preparation. I investigated some other techniques to education and learning that I’ve always had an interest in. I made an awareness that brought my homeschool style right into laser focus – – whenever I discovered of a brand-new curriculum or a brand-new method or approach to education my youngsters, the ‘‘ gold requirement’ to which I held them all? Was the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

Without even recognizing I had done it, I had actually prepared a year that looks a LOT like a Charlotte Mason homeschool year. I had returned around to the very thing I assumed I had to bow out. In fact, I keep in mind where I was resting as well as doing when I had the lightbulb moment – – I had actually not required to damage up with Charlotte Mason at all. It had not been her, it was her followers. The suggestion that if I had not been a Charlotte Mason purist, after that I was not invite at the table.

Well, that certain transformed me a little inverted this summer season as I was preparing. I took a deep breath, as well as considered some of my strategies from in 2014. I dug out the ADE scheduling cards (and discovered a truly amazing collection of SECULAR scheduling cards from Robyn Oakenfold – – CLICK ON THIS LINK to go obtain yours!), as well as I just silently started to plan out our year as well as return right into a rhythm and organizing that was – – surprisingly – rather CM-inspired.

You (Possibly) Aren’t a Charlotte Mason Purist, Either

Let me simply state something actually clearly right here – – I don’t believe there is anything incorrect with wishing to stick carefully to Mason’s viewpoint and techniques. I don’t think there is ever before anything naturally wrong with understanding that ANY method or approach is the best one for you as well as your family.

No, I’m Not a Charlotte Mason Purist – And You Probably Aren’t Either. photo 2

When I describe a “Charlotte Mason purist” – – I don’t indicate all the households that are sticking carefully to her original writings and also initial methods. I am talking about the ones who make it an unique club, the ones who look down their nose at anybody who dares to go off the course a little. The ones who email me and also tell me I’m headed straight to hell-in-a-handbasket – – that I am going to lead innocent homeschool mothers down the wrong path by having the audacity to inform them they can take faith out of Mason’s philosophy.

Yes. I did, actually, receive that e-mail.

I’ve stated – – usually – that I don’t assume any individual can actually be a purist in the centimeters approach. Unless you have a Tardis in your garage (as well as if you do, can we be friends?!) – – then you are not staying in Victorian England. You are not bound by the minimal accessibility to expertise, details, as well as publications that they were bound by in turn-of-the-century England.

You probably do points – – most of us do – that aren’t precisely according to what Charlotte specified in her writings. We make use of modern-day books, we don’t consist of all the precise very same topics that Mason utilized, we utilize ample amounts of modern technology in our homeschool. We examine contemporary poets and also modern composers. We do not comply with any type of one certain history cycle over an additional. We definitely don’t adhere to any person else’s schedule or routine.

Are there a ton of points that we DO carry out in our homeschool that Mason suggests? Certainly ther are. Do we make our homeschool our own as well as do I make our lessons relevant to the world and also lives my children really stay in? Hell indeed. That’s WHY I homeschool.

No, I’m Not a Charlotte Mason Purist – And You Probably Aren’t Either. photo 3

Pay attention, you probably aren’t a Charlotte Mason perfectionist – – because, rather honestly, that does not exist. This ideal, idyllic, romanticized education and learning of a past period? You’re going after ghosts.

Shake The Dirt Off, Miss Mason

We reside in a time of quick modification, development, and also innovation. We have access to details in the blink of an eye – – as well as the click of a few buttons. We are interconnected in ways that Mason probably can never ever have actually dreamed.

It’s a common subject that has shown up occasionally in some online spaces I belong to – – what would certainly Charlotte Mason assume if she could see our world currently? Would she be thrilled by the scientific explorations as well as historical occasions? Would she believe it wonderful that her viewpoint of education has spread everywhere, truly to families of ALL sorts and also children from all walks of life?

I think she would. And I think we owe it to her to give up attempting to reproduce what she did 100+ years ago, and honour the work she did by taking her ideology and giving it life and breath and drinking the dust off of it.

I’m not a Charlotte Mason purist. As well as I bet you aren’t either.

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No, I’m Not a Charlotte Mason Purist – And You Probably Aren’t Either.
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