Charlotte Mason Curriculum (Do You Really Need One?)

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I was a follower of the Charlotte Mason philosophy from the very first time I found out of it, virtually three years ago. As soon as I began to research this philosophy, I knew that it would help my children, and also for me as the instructor. Where I maintained obtaining hung up, got on the Charlotte Mason educational program choices that I located. None appeared to be a suitable for me, and also no matter the number of times I would stress over this or that pre-made CM curriculum, they just really did not really feel right. I began to think that maybe this wasn’t the viewpoint for us besides.

With some really fantastic Charlotte Mason educational program on the marketplace – – it can be a very frustrating job to get through them all and make a decision which to use. Printing booklists, reading over examples from numerous educational program authors, trying to determine which educational program will certainly be the most effective for your family members – – it can all be very daunting.

So suppose I informed you that you do not required an educational program to adhere to the Charlotte Mason technique in your homeschool?

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Do You Need A Charlotte Mason Educational Program?

I can absolutely recognize the need to locate a curriculum that has booklists and also a curriculum currently planned out for you. That wishes to transform the wheel and make it all from square one, right? Well – – below’s the thing regarding the Charlotte Mason method. It’s NOT a curriculum, and also it’s not a prescriptive set of plans to comply with. It’s a viewpoint – a means of checking out your

kid’s education. And below’s the thing concerning the prefabricated Charlotte Mason educational program on the marketplace – – they are but a single person’s viewpoint and also analysis of the ideology. Which means that they may not work for your youngsters, and afterwards what do we do?

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Currently of the school year, when we’re looking to following year’s plans, I see some mothers that are so worried out. Attempting to MAKE this or that curriculum job, attempting to change their family around to fit the strategy that another person has made. You don’t require to do this, mom – – you do not need to make your child fit any person else’s mold and mildew.

Just how Do You Know If An Educational Program Won’t Function?

While I can not address this FOR you, below are some things that I think of when looking at any pre-made Charlotte Mason curriculum:

  • Does it fit my family’s values?
  • Will the recommended materials help my specific children, particularly those who may have learning differences?
  • Does a pre-made curriculum benefit ME, as the educator? Or will I feel suppressed by adhering to someone else’s strategies?
  • Exist religious/spiritual conflicts between the educational program and also my family’s spiritual beliefs?
  • Will I end up tweaking and changing the educational program so much that it’s barely recognizable (I have actually done this before!)

These are just a couple of points to take into consideration as you’re looking over a pre-made curriculum plan. Maybe after truly considering all of these things, a Charlotte Mason curriculum may function flawlessly for you. Or it might not. And if it does not – – it does NOT indicate that you can not follow this method in your homeschool.

So……. currently what?

So, you’ve taken a look at the Charlotte Mason curriculum on the market, and they will not help you. Now what?

Well, basically – – most likely to Charlotte’s own writings. These are challenging checks out – – the language is not what we’re made use of to. However if you wish to genuinely understand her approach so that you can apply it in your own means? Go straight to the source.

Know that every one of these educational programs that have actually been created are done so by homeschooling mothers like you and me. They have analyzed her words, as well as put them into a practical as well as ready-to-use curriculum. But ultimately, you can do that too!

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Most Likely To Charlotte Mason’s “Original Homeschool Collection”, take notes, seek out particular subjects or topics and also review her words so that you can understand her approach.

Acquaint on your own with her “20 Concepts”, as well as utilize that understanding as a filter that you use to choose resources and also topics.

Choose the topics/subjects you intend to educate as well as in which year – – you can certainly comply with Charlotte’s schedules that she developed for her own students. You might also choose to alter those timetables, depending on the demands of your household.

Something I’ve been using that I truly actually such as is Merely Charlotte Mason’s “Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education And Learning”, which is a book as well as dvd established that strolls you through crafting your extremely own Charlotte Mason school year. So, if it’s your very first year trying a DIY-Charlotte Mason year, a source like that would be a wonderful method to get into your own preparation groove. I talk a little bit concerning it in this message, but am intending an extensive review not long after I’ve resolved it.

Some Final Thoughts

Charlotte Mason absolutely had a clear collection of guidelines in her approach – – her 20 Concepts that she starts her 6th volume of her Original Homeschooling Series. Her belief that youngsters are born persons, is foundational to every element of her approach. If we are called to honour the “wholeness” of our child, why after that do we so frequently really feel forced to foist someone else’s plans onto our children? Onto ourselves?

What Charlotte Mason offered us was greater than a curriculum strategy, or history turning, or collection of publications she chose to utilize with her trainees – – she offered us the TOOLS with which we can create the most effective curriculum for our private kids. Her words lead us to educate OUR kids – – and that’s the heart of her ideology: show your child, your entire youngster. Present them with a banquet of living books that will enlighten not only their minds, yet their body and souls additionally.

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The writers of the various Charlotte Mason educational program ARE deeply well-informed concerning Charlotte Mason’s works. It may be the usual point of view that there is just one RIGHT means to utilize Charlotte Mason’s ideology. There might also be “professionals” on her approach. However at the end of the day, they do not understand your youngsters or your family.

YOU are the most effective person to instruct your children.

YOU are the expert on your homeschool and your children.

YOU are completely and entirely efficient in making your Charlotte Mason homeschool anything you require it to be.

And do not ever before allow any individual make you feel or else. You got this, mother.

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Charlotte Mason Curriculum (Do You Really Need One?)
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