31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling!

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So several of you might have already seen on my various other social media that I have been helping to advertise a VERY amazing Blog Event – – 31 Factors We Love Homeschooling – that has been organized by my buddy Ana Willis over at They Call Me Honored. She’s such a fun and also passionate member of the homeschool area and she has actually knocked it out of the park with this occasion.

What’s it all about?

Well it’s 31 various homeschool mamas, on 31 days, each sharing their favourite factor to homeschool – – all amounting to 31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling! How fun is that?! It’s like a whole month of motivation as well as heartfelt blog posts regarding our journeys as house educating family members.

Where do you go?

Well, it’s basic: go to www.theycallmeblessed.org and also ALL of the Blog Celebration articles will exist in one place – – merely make certain you enter your email address so you do not miss a solitary article! You can additionally visit this site ahead as well as visit us at the Facebook Event and also join the fun – – Ana has giveaways intended, as well as all of the factors are there to talk with additionally. I have actually also place a clickable button on the sidebar of my blog site that you can click anytime to jump right over to They Call Me Blessed and capture up on what’s new in the 31 Factors Celebration!

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I’ll Exist As well!

I was actually delighted when I saw this blog site event idea, and also was looking forward to reviewing blog posts from a few of MY favorite blog owners – – after that, when Ana invited me to contribute also I was SO delighted!! What an honour to be component of a group of inspiring and also outstanding homeschooling blog writers and also parents. So look for Up Above The Rowan Tree this month – – I’ll be sharing MY favorite factor to homeschool.

Examine back in below typically, I’ll publish the web links to each day’s post!

Reason 1: The Unrushed Homeschool Life That Produces Memories from Ana at They Call Me Blessed

Reason 2: Leading My Children Down God’s Perfect Path from Forest at Kingdom First Homeschool

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Reason 3: Liberty!!! from Jo at Growing As a Full-time Moms And Dad

Reason 4: I obtain The very best Of My Youngsters and also They Get the most effective of Me from Kelly at Coffee Mugs and also Little Thugs

Factor 5: Personalized Made Kids = Customized Made Education And Learning from Amy at Thrive Homeschooling

Factor 6: Investing Quality Time With Older Generations from Melinda at J6 Trip

Factor 7: Enlightening The Turtle And Also The Hare from Amanda at Raising DaVinci

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Reason 8: Family Stamina from Amy at Busy Boys Brigade

Factor 9: Homeschooling Makes Every Person Happier! by Me!

Reason 10: Representations As We Near completion of Our Homeschool Journey by Hilda from Assurance Living Collection

Factor 11: Outsourcing Homeschool by Tamara Lewis

Reason 12: Road College: Wherever the Minute Takes You by Yvie at Gypsy Roadway

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31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling!
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